The official site of this airline is ana airlines website www.ana.co.jp. The official website contains information about baggage allowances, passenger flight status, ana flight best fare tickets, ana miles, ana flight booking process, the various services provided by this airline, domestic flights and international flights.


All nippon airways official site

This japanese airline official site is https://www.ana.co.jp


Ana Airlines Reservations

ANA all nippon airways


ANA economy class review


Airline codes

  • IATA code: NH
  • ICAO code: ANA
  • Callsign: ALL NIPPON



You can download the updates schedule here from the official website.



All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd from Ana group started operation 1952, 27th December of that year to be precise. This means it had been here for many decades already. It is also referred to as Zennikku and it is one of the oldest airlines in Southeast Asia. It is an star alliance member.

It is also the largest airline in the entire country according to the number of passengers and revenues generated.


Its bases are in places like:

  • Haneda, Tokyo
  • Narita, Tokyo
  • Itami, Osaka
  • Kansai, Osaka


Operating bases

Its operating bases are:

  • Fukuoka
  • Sapporo-Chitose
  • Okinawa-Naha
  • Nagoya-Chubu



The headquarter  is located in Shidodome City Centre, which can be found in the Shidodome area of the Minato ward of Tokyo. The airline has more than 241 aircrafts in its fleet. It also covers 97 destinations.

These destinations are spread across all over Japan and also reach other countries, like Western Europe, Australia, Mexico, United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, India, Korea and China. The slogan of the company is “Inspiration of Japan!”



The total revenue recorded in 2016 was 1.7652 trillion yen. Its operating income was 145.5 billion. Its net income, on the other hand, was 98.8 billion yen. Furthermore, its total asset as of 2016 was 2.3144 trillion yen and its total equity for that same year was 919.1 billion. The total number of employees as of 2016 was 34,919.


Booking process

You can book a flight to any of the 97 destinations All Nippon Airlines covers from the website, be it to Europe or Asia. You can book a flight to local or international locations from the website. You can also book a flight for overseas tours.

The process of booking a flight is very easy and will only take a few minutes of your precious time. You can book for the only flight, for accommodation or even car hire services on this website.

When booking hotel accommodation, you need to indicate the number of rooms you need and the number of individuals that will be lodging in that hotel with you. Do not also forget to state your check-in date and check-out date.

When hiring a car, state the date you need the car and when you will return it. You should also state if you want the vehicle to be dispatch at the airport or city. You can hire different types of vehicles on the website, including light cars, eco-cars, minivan or wagon and passenger car.


Login to www.ana.co.jp

You can login from www.ana.co.jp. You need to first create an account before you can login. When you want to login, you need to provide your customer number and web password.


Flight status Information

You can access updated online ana airline flight status and information here: https://www.ana.co.jp/en/jp/?type=e

Baggage allowance

The baggage allowance policy of All nippon airways is based on weight and size.

The maximum allowed luggage for economy class passengers is 20kgs.

The maximum allowed luggage size for business class passengers is 40kgs.


Flight Check in

Check in online

You can check in online in this URL: https://www.ana.co.jp/en/jp/domestic/prepare/checkin/online-checkin/

  1. Go to the check in tab.
  2. Confirm your reservation details
  3. Then, click on check-in.
  4. You will get your seat and boarding pass.


How to do Reservations

To do a reservation on the reservations website just do this steps:


  1. Go to www.ana.co.jp
  2. In the book section type:
  3. Select the airport and or city origin From.
  4. Select the airport and/or city destination to
  5. Finally, click on the button Search (red button)
  6. From the available flights select your option, fare, (ana first class, business class, economy class passenger for lower fares) from eligible purchases and finish the reservation.
  7. Pay and print your flight ticket.


You can check your reservations status from your account page.


Check all nippon airways Reviews

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ANA.co.jp has 4 of 5 score from more than 10.000 reviews.


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Ana.co.jp has 8 of 10 score from more than 500 reviews



For us it has an overall positive review.