who does aer lingus partner with

Aer Lingus has codeshare agreements with a number of airlines, which allows passengers to book connecting flights between Aer Lingus and other airlines’ networks. This can be a convenient way … Read more

what does aer lingus mean

The name “Aer Lingus” is an anglicised form of the Irish word “aerloingeas”, which means “air fleet”. The name was chosen to reflect the airline’s focus on providing air travel … Read more

where does aer lingus fly in europe

Aer Lingus’s European Network Aer Lingus operates a comprehensive network of flights to destinations across Europe, including: Austria: Vienna Belgium: Brussels Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik Cyprus: Larnaca Czech Republic: Prague … Read more

how does aer lingus board

Aer Lingus has a two-phase boarding process that is designed to get passengers on board their flights as quickly and efficiently as possible.   Phase 1: Priority Boarding Priority boarding … Read more