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Avianca S.A. originated from Spanish Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A. Its English translation is Airways of the American Continent. It is a Colombian company and also the national airline for Colombia.

It is also the flag carrier of Colombia. It assumed the role of flag carrier for Colombia on the 5th of December 1919. Its registered name then was SCADTA. Its headquarters is in Bogotá D.C. it equally has its main hub at El Dorado International Airport. Avianca airline belongs to a group of Latin American airlines.

The group has 8 airlines in its membership. They use a codesharing system to control their functions as one unit. It remains the largest airline in Colombia. It is equally the second largest in Latin America. It is second to LATAM of Chile.

It has an extensive network destination in Latin America. It belongs to Synergy Group S.A. It is equally listed on the Colombia Stock Exchange.

It has up to 103 aircrafts in its fleet. It equally covers up to 187 destinations. It had an operating income of COP 2.8 B as of 2009. It also had total assets of COP 2.403.632 M as of 2008. Its official website is at www.avianca.com.

These are NOT from Avianca.com : aviancairlines.com or aviancaairline.com



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Airline Codes

  • IATA code: AV
  • ICAO code: AVA
  • Callsign: AVIANCA


avianca official website


Reservations website of Avianca airline

You can get your online reservations in the reservations website:

  1. Go to https://www.avianca.com/us/en/
  2. Write your from and to city
  3. Select a date
  4. Click on search for fligths
  5. Get all the available tickets and prices.
  6. Pay and finish your reservation


Flight Status

If you want to check for a flight status just do the following:

avianca flight status

  1. Go to the website https://www.avianca.com/us/en/your-booking/flight-status/
  2. Type the city of origin
  3. Type the destination city
  4. Select the flight date
  5. Click on Search
  6. Get the searched flight status


You can also search for your flight status by your flight number if you know this information.


Routes covered

Avianca ailine covers several locations in Latin America, including the ones highlighted below:

  • Miami
  • Quito
  • San José
  • Barranquilla
  • Cartagena
  • Cali
  • Medellin
  • And so on

The 187 destinations that the company serves spread across 27 countries. It also has several subsidiaries, some of which are:

  • Regional Express Americas
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Ecuador
  • Sansa
  • Helicol
  • Guatemala
  • Cargo
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua

The airline canceled the delivery of 10 Airbus A350-900 between 2015 and 2017. It earlier ordered the aircraft between 2009namnd 2010. It recorded some setbacks and incidents in its history also, especially in the 1980s and the early part of the 1990s.


avianca airlines reservations


Special programs

Avianca offers various special programs for the satisfaction of its passengers. Own of the earliest programs is AviancaPlus. The company started LIfeMiles frequent-flyer program in 2011 and this replaced AviancaPlus. LIfeMile comes at different levels, which are:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

The levels above replace the levels under AviancaPlus, which are:

  • Basic
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Executive

The various programs cover every Avianca Holdings airline.





Cheap Flights

Visit the specifc section to get avianca cheap flights 


Baggage policy

All the fares charged by this company include carry-on and checked baggage. Each can bring 1 personal item and 11 pieces of standard carry on. The standard carry on should also not be more than 45 linear inches. Its weight must not be more than 10kg.

The company does not provide any specifics on the weight or size of the personal item, however. As a Gold Start Alliance or LifeMiles Elite member, you can access 2 free carry-on for all flights that do not originate in the United States if you are flying Business Class.

You are also free to bring a diaper bag into the cabin. The company allows passengers to also bring a small stroller into the cabin.


The baggage policy at Avianca Airlines flights is not so different from what obtains in several other large carriers. Anyone can bring a personal carry-on on board for free, but any additional bag will carry a fee. The fee to be paid on the extra baggage depends a great deal on the size.

Carry-on allowance

As mentioned earlier, a person can bring 1 personal item and 1 standard carry-on bag on-board for free. The size restriction for the personal carrier is unknown. However, examples of personal items include a laptop bag, backpack, wallet and so on.

The personal items can fit under your seat due to their small sizes. The size for the standard bag, on the other hand, must not be more than 10kg or 22 pounds.


Lap infant carry-on policy

The passenger can bring a diaper bag on the journey into the cabin. You can also bring a small stroller on board if there is adequate space. The airline staff will help determine if there is adequate space for the small stroller.

Stroller check policy 

  • Umbrella type stroller: This type is recommended when you are traveling with an infant. It is not charged along with other baggage. They can be checked at the boarding gate.
  • Collapsible Stroller: It should be less than 9kg or 20 pounds. It equally carries no fees provided you are traveling with an infant. Be that as it may, it will be checked at the boarding gate.
  • Stroller: This type of item is not recommended to be brought on board. You can bring this item onboard, but it will be checked at the check in gate. Be that as it may, the airline will charge you an extra fee for the item as “Extra Piece”.

The passenger will be charged over-sized luggage for strollers heavier than 20 pounds or 9kg.


Avianca Checked Baggage Allowance

The airline baggage allowance demands that all checked bags must not be more than 50 pounds or 23kg for Premium Economy and Economy.

It also must not be more than 70 pounds or 32kg for First Class and Business   Class.

The maximum linear dimensions of the bag must not be more than 62 inches.


If you are flying within South and Central America you can access the following free baggage allowance:

  • Business-class: 2 free bags
  • Economy Class: 1 free bag
  • Infants: 1 free bag not heavier than 22 pounds.


If you are flying all other routes other than those mentioned above:

  • Business-class: 2 free bags
  • Economy class: 1 free bag


Check-in policy

Avianca Airlines flights has an online check-in that every passenger should adhere to. Those who want to check-in online should do so 24 hours to 2 hours before the flight.

You will require your applicable flight information and travel documents before you can complete the check in process online.

You also need access to a printer if there is a plan to print the boarding pass.


Requirements for online check-in

  • You should check in between 24 to 2 hours of flight departure. You must also have an e-ticket.
  • Only a maximum of 9 passengers can check-in at once via web check-in.
  • The web check-in is only of an adult traveling alone without an infant or a child under 11 years old. This rule applies especially to international flights.
  • Web check-in is for passengers that do not need special services, like medicines, disabled or minors.
  • The passengers should not be transporting a pet.

Bear in mind that you should arrive early enough at the airport for baggage and flights security checks.

An online check is available also for those that require baggage checks. You can also select and change your seat via online check-in.

Also, you can carry out the web check in on your mobile device. You will need to first download the mobile app before you can do this.


Airports that support web check in

You can go for web check in if you want to board any of the flights mentioned below:

  • Any Avianca Airlines flight to Colombia
  • Any Avianca flight from Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Guayaquil, Houston, Lima, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Quito, Santiago, San Francisco, San Juan, Sao Paulo, and Washington to Colombia.
  • Any Avianca flight from Colombia to places like Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Guayaquil, Houston, Lima, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Quito, Santiago, San Francisco, San Juan, Sao Paulo, and Washington.

Airport check-in

Arrival time for those who want to check-in at the airport depends on that particular flight concerned. If you are flying within Colombia, you should have completed your check-in process 45 minutes before the flight since the boarding gate closes 15 minutes to the flight departure.

If you are traveling within Ecuador, you should have checked in 35 minutes to the flight departure. Those traveling within Peru should have checked in 45 minutes to flight departure.

Passengers for international flights should have checked in 60 minutes to flight departure.

If you do not have any baggage to check-in, you can arrive at the airport 2 hours to flight departure of an international flight and 1 hour to flight departure for a domestic flight.


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