Can I Bring a Chainsaw on an Airline?

When it comes to traveling with a chainsaw on an airline, the answer is generally no. Most airlines have strict guidelines regarding the types of items that can be brought on board, and chainsaws are typically not allowed. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to travel with a chainsaw.


Carry-On Luggage

Chainsaws are not allowed as carry-on luggage on most airlines. They are considered a hazardous material and are prohibited by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) from being brought on board a flight. This means that if you’re planning to travel with a chainsaw, you’ll need to check it in as baggage.


Checked Baggage

While chainsaws are generally not allowed as carry-on luggage, they may be allowed as checked baggage on some airlines. However, you should check with the airline beforehand as it has different policies for dangerous goods, and some airlines do not allow chainsaws to be checked in as baggage at all. If you’re planning to check a chainsaw as baggage, it’s important to properly pack it to prevent damage or injury.


Packing and Shipping

When you’re packing a chainsaw for travel, it’s important to make sure that the chain is removed, and the power switch is in the “off” position. Additionally, the chainsaw should be packaged in a sturdy container, such as a hard-shell case, to prevent damage during transport.

If you’re unable to bring your chainsaw with you on your flight, you may be able to ship it to your destination instead. However, it’s important to check with the carrier beforehand as they have different rules and regulations for shipping hazardous materials.