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How to Find Cheap Flights

It is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions about travel, and that is that flights are usually the most expensive part of a trip’s budget. How many times has someone told you that they have found a super bargain to fly to New York or Budapest or any other country in the world? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Well, in this post we will talk about the best tricks to get flight deals and not die trying. These are the tricks that we in our day to day when we start planning a trip or simply looking for cheap destinations to fly to and find the cheapest last minute flight to save money.

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Simple tricks to get

Gone are the days when you could fly for a dolar to Paris or London (or not, because sometimes, very occasionally, some occasional offer still comes out), but it is true that there are several things you have to Keep in mind if you want to get the cheapest flights at all costs.

In general, the best advice we can give you is FLEXIBILITY in every way: in schedules, in dates, in stops …

We tell you all the tricks to get travel deals.
But we are going to work, that you have come here to tell you what are our tricks to find cheaper flights. There they go:

The best (cheapest) day to fly is Tuesday

And I do not say it, they say the different sources that we have consulted to make this post.

The most expensive day to fly is Saturday. If you can, modify the dates of your trip to be able to match the flights on Tuesday, because you can get up to 12% cheaper. This is a great savings option when you have no problems choosing your vacation days, but of course, it would not work if you want, for example, to make a weekend getaway.

As I said a little above, flexibility is your best friend when it comes to finding flights.


Flying in the afternoon is cheaper

Apparently, flights between 6 pm and midnight are cheaper. And be careful, maybe also those who have more delays because if it is a route that comes and goes to the destination several times a day can accumulate the delay of the whole day.

From personal experience, it is much more common for a flight to be delayed at 9:00 pm than 8:00 am, especially on short flights such as a Madrid-Paris. That’s how it is.

Maybe these types of flights are more uncomfortable, but if you want a cheap flight, there will be things you will have to sacrifice. It is true that this forces you to book a hotel for that night in which you will not be able to see or do anything at the destination, but look at the good side: the next day you get up directly there and you can start to enjoy the destination.

Newsletters and price alerts are your friends

You may not believe me or you have definitely given up spam by mail, but do not give up receiving newsletters with alerts, because they are MUCH more useful than you think.

At the same time, it may seem like a roll to receive mails from comparators with offers or every time a price you have signed up changes, but you may find unexpected bargains. Alerts are especially useful for when you are clear about a destination and dates.

We have saved a lot of money with this, and what is better, we have discovered getaways and destinations that did not fall within our plans but were priceless.

What is cool is that you can configure the alerts with the filters you want: if you want stopovers or not, full duration of the trip, company with which you want to fly (if you have a favorite …)


Be flexible with dates

If you focus on Christmas, Easter or summer it will cost you a lot to find a cheap flight. We even recommend that you search for flights with no destination or no specific date to find the best deals. As I said a little above, this is a perfect option when you have no trouble choosing the date of your vacation.

Remember that flying in low season will ALWAYS be cheaper.

Do not forget that the best way to get money or pay abroad are travel cards, your best allies to save maximum on your trips.

It is true that this is not always an option because maybe you can only take your vacation at a certain time, but remember what I have told you when we have started talking about compare cheap flights: flexibility above all.


Buying the round trip together is not always cheaper.

What have you always thought this had to be like this? Well, it doesn’t have to, especially with long flights. Compare it well before buying your flights because you can get big surprises.

Maybe you can buy the one way with one company and the return with another one, saving a lot of money. Or maybe this helps you plan the trip in another way by choosing combinations that you wouldn’t have thought of at first.

Stopovers are also your super friends if you want to get cheap flights

If you want to get cheap, you have to assume that the stops (even if you don’t like them) are your friends. Because they lower the price of flights you can not get an idea of ​​how much.

To get a cheap flight it is essential that you give up (although it does not always have to be this way) to direct flights. And here as always, the time you have comes into play, because more stops, cheaper flights, but also more travel time. If you have no time problems, you can search for flights with long stops and even visit a city along the way.

Without going any further, and to show you that this is clearly so, I give you the example of the flights for the next big trip that we are going to do: New Zealand. From Spain there are no direct options (and less bad, because if I could not die 25 hours in an airplane: P) but the difference between flying with only one stopover or more is abysmal:

Flights with a two-hour stopover in Dubai (option for which we have chosen to save the trip time): 1,400 dollars per person. Total trip duration: about 25 hours.
Flights with two stops of a total of almost 7 hours in Frankfurt and Shanghai: 860 dollars per person. Total trip duration: about 31 hours.
Are they worth 22 more hours of your life (counting the round-trip stopovers and the difference of the entire duration of the trip) and the possibility of missing a flight (more stops, more possibility) almost 600 dollars? That you decide.


The nearby airports you want to reach are usually full of unexpected bargains

Perhaps the most comfortable is always to fly to the airport closest to the city center, but that is not the cheapest. For example, in Paris and London you have 3 and 4 different airports and it depends on which one you fly to, the ticket will be more expensive or cheaper.

Remember: finding cheap does not always mean comfort. On the contrary, but the balance to know what weighs you most.


Analyze well the best time to buy your flight based on the destination you want to go to

Oh, but does the price of a flight vary depending on the moment you buy it? Yes, and sometimes a lot, so much eye. You can save up to 10% by buying a flight in the ‘correct’ week. And I say ‘correct’, because it depends on destiny, time and many other things. Maybe what is good for today does not work for 6 months.

Normally the cheapest time is usually about 60 days before flying, but this Skyscanner option is super useful to know which exact moment is the best to get your flight. Check it out because it’s super interesting!


Where to find cheap flights

The great competition that exists in the tourism sector, allows us to buy cheap plane flights with very important differences. We have compiled the best websites to find cheap plane flights.

Flying by plane has become as common as traveling by car. But, in a way, it’s something much more complicated. The decisions begin at the time of buying the plane ticket. There are plenty of offers and alternatives, and if you search well, you can save hundreds of dollars. For that reason we have compiled the best websites to find cheap plane flights.

Unless it is a short flight between airports in the province where there are not many alternatives, in most cases scheduling a flight is like solving a small puzzle. Do you prefer a direct flight, faster but more expensive, or a flight with stops, or even with transshipment, which takes longer but is cheaper?

Almost always the best option is to compare, and once we know what you are not going to cost, depending on the difference we decide if we are interested in one option or another.

The key, therefore, is to get as many flight prices as possible, and from there compare. That is why it is important not to comply with the first price they give us, and spend some time visiting websites specializing in airline tickets. It is heavy and boring, but an hour lost looking for cheap airline tickets can save you hundreds of dollars.

These are some of the best websites to find cheap plane flights.



If you have been using the same cheap flight booking search engines for a lifetime, perhaps it is time to try new ones. You may be surprised by the results.

For example Gotogate, a proposal of Finnish origin with a Spanish subsidiary. It offers flights through 650 airlines, and more than 300,000 hotels. It carries out more than 12 million contracts per year, and every day fills 148 Boeing 737.

From its cover you can see flights to Palma de Mallorca for just 30 dollars, and to the Canary Islands for 53 dollars. To Milan or Berlin the prices are around 55 dollars. Although logically it depends on the date and the departure airport …

Your search engine is quite basic and direct and does not offer as many flights as the competition, it has very interesting offers that are worth checking out.

Access Gotogate



Liligo is a consolidated booking search engine for cheap flight deals of French origin where you can find flights to Ibiza or London for just 23 dollars, or to New York for just over 200 dollars.

Liligo compares flights from more than 600 airlines, including more than 70 low cost. You can also select the airport you prefer for departure and arrival, as well as the number of passengers or the class in which you want to travel.

It is possible to sort by trip duration or by price-duration combination. You also have at your disposal several filters to find the flight that best suits you: type of transport (airplanes, trains or buses), stopovers, departure and arrival times, duration, airports, companies or suppliers.

Some are very particular, like the one that allows you to choose the target temperature in real time, in case you don’t want to be cold or hot.

It also shows you the evolution of the route throughout the year, so you know if it is a good or bad time to buy a ticket.

Liligo does not add any charge to the ticket: you always get final prices with taxes and fees included.


Access Liligo



This cheap flight search engine is another classic that has been in business for many years, thanks to its ability to find last-minute flights. It also offers flight + hotel combinations.

If you don’t mind leaving quickly (even on the same day), you can find real bargains on last-minute flights where there are plenty of seats and prices drop at the last moment, to fill the plane.

Tricks to find airline tickets, which work

In its database there are more than 400 aurolines, and they can be combined without any limitation. In some cases it offers additional discounts with respect to the price of the airline, but you have to hire it through its website.

If you want to avoid complications, they even have an option for them to take care of everything, from getting the boarding pass, to the rental car at the destination.

Access LastMinute




Momondo searches for cheap flights on more than a thousand airlines and travel agencies around the world.

Just a few weeks ago, the best price guarantee was released: if you book a flight and then find it cheaper, they return the difference.

The search engine is simple to use, and shows the results in a very original way: on a map with the destinations. Once you select the route you can see the prices for the whole month, in case you are interested in changing to another nearby day, where the price is cheaper.

There are also very practical filters, such as the one that allows you to select flights based on the pricing, the duration of the flight, or if you prefer direct flights, or do not mind making stops.

Momondo is a very complete option, which covers destinations around the world.

Access Momondo

Another search engine for low cost flights not well known, has good deals that are worth checking.

He works with more than 600 companies, and besides flights he offers hotels and rental cars. It is a good option if you do not mind traveling with low-cost companies, and if you leave an important airport. Flights from provincial airports offer worse search results.

The filters are quite basic (schedules, airports, and stopovers), but if you do not usually use them, the direct results offered usually give the target.

A new alternative to traditional search engines, in case you need more references before making a decision.

Access lol-travel



Skyscanner is a comparator for comparators, as it searches for the cheapest flights among more than 1,000 airlines, travel agencies, including other search engines such as Expedia, Booking, LastMinute, eDreams or Rumbo.

Unlike other services, it does not act as an intermediary. That is, you don’t buy the tickets through Skyscanner. It takes you directly to the page of the travel agency or the airlines, so you can buy it there.

You can search directly on a map, and even the cheapest flight within a certain area, such as a region or a country. It has numerous filters (stops, airlines, flight duration, etc.), and all the results are very clear to see and understand.

It is one of the best websites to find cheap flights.

Access Skyscanner



If you like to visit different cities on your vacation and what you are looking for is to fly by plane at the lowest possible price, Airhopping will be interesting.

It is a flight search engine that allows you to travel to two, three or four European or American cities by plane, linking destinations at the price of a single ticket, quickly and conveniently.

It is a kind of interrail, but using the plane instead of the train. Airhopping is responsible for searching for flight offers to different cities, linking the route in a single ticket, cheaper than buying it separately.

5 tips to make long-haul flights more bearable

Through an algorithm, Airhopping is able to recommend which destinations are cheaper and in what order to visit them, in order to get all those flights of 20 or 30 dollars together on the same trip.

Access Airhopping


Google Flights

You can find it in a quick options that you can use from within the google search engine.