does aer lingus have tvs

Yes, some Aer Lingus aircraft have personal in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems with a selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. The availability of IFE systems and the content offered vary depending on the aircraft type and route.


Some of the aircraft with IFE systems include:

  • A330
  • A321
  • B787-9 Dreamliner


If you are planning to travel on an Aer Lingus flight with IFE systems, it is a good idea to check the IFE content before boarding. You can do this by visiting the Aer Lingus website or viewing the IFE information on the aircraft’s seatback IFE system.


Overall, Aer Lingus offers a variety of in-flight amenities to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for Wi-Fi access, food and beverages, or entertainment, Aer Lingus has something to offer all passengers.