does aer lingus have wifi

Aer Lingus offers in-flight Wi-Fi on most of its flights. However, the availability and speed of Wi-Fi can vary depending on the aircraft type and route.

On select Aer Lingus aircraft, you can purchase Wi-Fi access for a fee. The cost of Wi-Fi varies depending on the length of your flight. Once you purchase Wi-Fi access, you can access a variety of websites and apps, including email, social media, and news sites.


Wi-Fi Availability on Aer Lingus Flights:

Aircraft Type Wi-Fi Availability
A330 Yes
A320 Yes
A321 Yes
B757 Yes
B737 Yes


Please note that Aer Lingus may temporarily suspend Wi-Fi service on some flights due to technical issues or other factors. If you are planning to use Wi-Fi on your Aer Lingus flight, it is always a good idea to check the Wi-Fi status before boarding.