How is Aegean Airlines Rated?

How is Aegean Airlines Rated?

Aegean Airlines has been certified as a 4-Star Airline for its airport and onboard product and staff service. This rating is given by Skytrax, the world’s leading airline rating agency. The 4-star rating is the highest that an airline can receive from Skytrax, so it is definitely a sign of quality for Aegean Airlines.

Airport Product and Service

When it comes to the airport product and service of Aegean Airlines, they have received very positive reviews from customers. The check-in process is smooth and efficient, with helpful staff on hand to assist if needed. Once passengers have checked in their luggage, they can move through security quickly with no delays or issues.

The lounge experience at Aegean Airport is also rated highly, with comfortable seating areas, complimentary drinks and snacks available throughout the day. There are also shower facilities available for those who need them before their flight departs. Additionally, there are plenty of charging points located around the lounge so that passengers can charge their devices before boarding their flight.

Onboard Product and Service

The onboard product and service of Aegean Airlines has also been rated highly by customers. Passengers will be greeted on board by friendly cabin crew members who are more than happy to help out with any requests during the flight. Seats on board are comfortable with adequate legroom and recline options for all passengers to enjoy during their journey.

Inflight entertainment options are plentiful on board; from movies to TV shows, there’s something for everyone aboard an Aegean Airlines flight! Complimentary meals are served during long haul flights too – these meals consist of fresh ingredients cooked to perfection by onboard chefs! Offering both economy class as well as business class cabins on select flights means that all passengers get a luxurious yet affordable experience when travelling with Aegean Airlines!

Overall Rating

All in all, Aegean Airlines is rated highly due to its impressive airport product & services as well as its onboard services & amenities provided on each flight! Customers rate them highly because of their luxurious yet affordable experiences every time they fly – this makes them one of Europe’s best airlines!


Is Aegean Airlines Safe to Fly?

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel, but it’s still important to consider safety when choosing an airline. When looking at Aegean Airlines, there are a few reasons why they are a safe choice for travelers.

Aegean’s Safety Record

Simply put, Aegean Airlines’ safety record to date is about as impeccable as they come. The airline has seen no major accidents since it began commercial service in 1999 and has experienced no passenger fatalities.

Safety Protocols and Practices

Aegean Airlines adheres to all international aviation safety standards and regulations. They also maintain rigorous protocols and practices designed to ensure the safety of their passengers while flying. This includes regular maintenance checks on aircraft and pilot training programs that focus on safety precautions during flight.

Modern Aircraft Fleet

The other key element of Aegean Airlines’ commitment to safety is their modern fleet of aircrafts. All planes in their fleet meet or exceed industry standards for fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance. This means that any issues with the plane can be quickly identified and resolved before they become a problem during flight.


Overall, it’s clear that when it comes to air travel safety, Aegean Airlines should be considered one of the top choices for passengers who want peace of mind when flying abroad or within Greece itself. With its impeccable record, commitment to meeting international standards for aviation security, and modern fleet of aircrafts – you can rest assured knowing your trip will be safe with them!