Is Aegean strict with baggage?

How Strict Is Aegean With Their Carry-On Bag Policy?

Aegean is very strict about its carry-on bag policy and enforces it thoroughly. This means that if your bag does not meet their size or weight requirements, you will not be allowed to board with it. Furthermore, any bags which exceed these limits may incur additional charges at the airport check-in counter.

What is Aegean Airlines’ Baggage Policy?

Aegean Airlines has a strict carry-on baggage policy that passengers must adhere to when traveling with the airline. According to their policy, passengers are allowed to bring one bag up to 13kg in weight and within the maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including handles, pockets and wheels. The bag must also fit into Aegean Airline’s baggage sizer as well as be able to fit and be lifted into the overhead bin.

Are There Any Other Rules That Passengers Should Be Aware Of?

Yes, there are some other rules that passengers should bear in mind when traveling with Aegean Airlines. For instance, all liquids exceeding 100ml must be placed in resealable plastic bags for security reasons. Additionally, sharp objects such as scissors or knives should also not be carried on board the plane due to safety concerns.

What Are The Penalties For Exceeding The Weight Limit?

If a passenger exceeds the 13kg weight limit for their carry-on bag, they will incur an excess baggage fee of €10 per kilo over 13kgs at check-in counter at the airport. Additionally, any bulky items such as snowboards or skis may require extra fees depending on what type of ticket was purchased by the passenger initially.

Are There Any Additional Charges For Checked Bags?

Yes, for checked bags weighing between 15 – 20 kg there is an additional charge of €25 per kilo over 15 kgs at check-in counter at the airport . All other checked bags exceeding 20 kgs can only be sent as cargo which requires different rates based on destination and size/weight of item being sent.

Can I Bring My Pet Onboard With Me?

Unfortunately no; pets are not allowed onboard Aegean flights unless they are service animals accompanying disabled persons who have obtained special permission from the airline prior to travel date (at least 24 hours before departure).

Is It Possible To Get A Refund If I Don’t Use My Ticket?

No; unfortunately tickets purchased through Aegean Airlines are nonrefundable once booked regardless of whether you use them or not (unless covered under certain exceptions such as flight cancellations or delays). However you may be able to change your flight date if done so within 24 hours after initial booking time (additional fees apply).