Is Allegiant owned by Delta

When it comes to the airline industry, ownership and partnerships can be a bit like a complex puzzle. Allegiant Airlines and Delta Airlines are both prominent players in the U.S. aviation sector, but are they part of the same puzzle? In this article, we’ll explore the ownership structure of Allegiant and its relationship, if any, with Delta.


🌐 Allegiant Airlines: A Brief Introduction 🌐

Before diving into ownership, let’s get to know Allegiant Airlines a bit better:

  • Origin Story: Allegiant Airlines, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an American ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) known for offering budget-friendly flights to a variety of destinations in the United States.
  • Fleet: As of my last update in January 2022, Allegiant operates a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series planes.
  • Focus on Leisure Travel: Allegiant primarily targets leisure travelers seeking affordable vacation options. They often fly to secondary airports near popular vacation destinations.

Now that we have a clearer picture of Allegiant, let’s address the question of ownership.


🔍 The Ownership of Allegiant Airlines 🔍

Allegiant Airlines is not owned by Delta Airlines. They are two separate and independent carriers with distinct ownership structures:

  • Publicly Traded: Allegiant Travel Company, the parent company of Allegiant Airlines, is a publicly-traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol “ALGT.” This means that the ownership of Allegiant is shared among its shareholders, who can buy and sell shares in the open market.
  • Independent Operation: Allegiant operates as a standalone airline and manages its own fleet, routes, and operations. It is not a subsidiary or part of a larger airline conglomerate.

It’s important to note that while Allegiant and Delta are not directly linked through ownership, they may have business relationships, such as code-sharing agreements or interline partnerships, on specific routes. These agreements allow airlines to expand their networks and offer passengers more travel options.


🌐 Partnerships and Code-Sharing Agreements 🌐

Although Allegiant is not owned by Delta, they have had partnerships and code-sharing agreements with various airlines in the past. These agreements can offer passengers benefits like seamless connections and shared services:

  • Allegiant’s Partners: Allegiant has had code-sharing agreements with airlines like Viva Aerobus and GOL Linhas AĆ©reas in the past, allowing passengers to book connecting flights on partner airlines.
  • Delta’s Partnerships: Delta Airlines, as one of the major U.S. carriers, has a wide network of partners, both domestic and international, which can enhance passengers’ travel options.

While these partnerships can provide convenient travel solutions, they don’t imply ownership or control over one another.


🔗 In Conclusion: No, Allegiant Is Not Owned by Delta 🔗

In the complex world of airline ownership and partnerships, Allegiant Airlines stands on its own as a publicly traded ultra-low-cost carrier. While it may collaborate with various airlines for code-sharing and interline agreements, it is not owned by Delta Airlines or any other major carrier.

Now that we’ve clarified this puzzle piece, feel free to ask any more questions or explore other aspects of the airline industry. What’s your next aviation curiosity? ✈️




  • Allegiant Travel Company Investor Relations: Allegiant’s official investor relations page may contain reports, presentations, and financial information related to the company’s ownership and financial structure.

    Website: Allegiant Travel Company Investor Relations

  • Delta Air Lines Investor Relations: Delta’s investor relations page provides information about the company’s investments and partnerships, which may include details about their ownership stake in other airlines.

    Website: Delta Air Lines Investor Relations