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Its former name was Santa Barbara Airlines before 2008. Its headquarters was on the 3rd floor of the impressive Edificio Tokay in Caracas, Venezuela. it is also known as SBA.

The airline operated both international and domestic services. It serves several destinations across the globe also and well known for top quality services. The airline equally had its main base at Simon Bolivar International Airport, Maiquetia.

It was founded on the 1st of November 1995. It could, however, not start operation until the 1st of March 1997. The airline stopped its services on the 26th of April 2018. It has a total of 5 aircrafts in its fleet and only covered 3 destinations. The name of its parent company was SBA Airlines, C.A. Pawa Dominicana. The name of the website is

santabarbara airlines official site


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SBA Airline Codes

  • IATA code: S3
  • ICAO code: BBR
  • Callsign: SANTA BARBARA


Routes and scheduled flights

SBA covers up to 15 destinations and they are Valencia, Punto Fijo, Maracaibo, El Vigia, Caracas, Miami, Tenerife, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Madeira, Panama City, Guayaquil, Quito, Willemstad, and Oranjestad. The 15 destinations cover 8 countries across the globe also, including Europe, North America, and South America.

  • Aruba
  • Ecuador
  • Curacao
  • Panama
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • United States
  • Venezuela


Santa barbara flight Baggage policy

Each passenger is entitled to 1 carry-on and 1 bag or box for free. Anything more than that will attract a fee. Check below for highlights of the various fees for those who have more than the free baggage:

  • Carrying a second bag will attract a fee of $5
  • Carrying a third bag will attract an extra fee of $20
  • Carrying the fourth bag will attract an extra fee of $25
  • Carrying a gold club will attract a fee of $10.
  • Carrying a surfboard, large box, trunk or bike will attract a fee of $20.

You can only carry a bag or carry-on into the cabin for free if it is not heavier than 50 lbs or bigger than 62 linear inches.


Affordable services

The airline services available were affordable. It was, therefore, one of the features that make it the preferred company for many passengers. The passenger can also access discounts on the various services available here. This can further reduce the cost of service.


On-board services

It provided a wide range of services onboard its aircrafts. Those in the business class will have access to champagne on the flight to Europe. The passenger will equally have access to appetizers, a-la-carte dinner, an open bar, and it will serve these once the flight begins.

The passenger will equally have access to various selections of imported and domestic wines, tea, liquor, desserts and so on. Passengers will also access open bar snacks and newspapers.

Before landing, the passengers will be served continental breakfast snack. Those in the economy class will also access Spanish wine, tea, coffee, desserts, open bar snacks, and newspapers.

Furthermore, you can request special meals, like low calorie, meals, diabetic meals, kosher, vegetarians, Muslim meals, Indian meals and so on. Those on any of the domestic routes can access open bars, drinks, coffee, and snacks also.



There are good and bad reviews of the airline. Our overall rating is 2,5 out of 5.


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