Spirit airlines lucky seat

Spirit Airlines occasionally surprises passengers with a “Lucky Seat” promotion, awarding 500 Free Spirit points to passengers seated in the designated lucky seat. If you find yourself in the #SpiritLuckySeat, follow this guide to learn how to redeem your points and make the most of your lucky seats or other unexpected prize.


Step 1: Register within 14 Days of the Flight

To redeem your 500 Spirit Lucky Seat points, you must register at www.spirit.com/redeem within 14 days of the flight. If you miss this deadline, you will not be eligible to claim your points.


Step 2: Sign Up for a Free Spirit Account (if not already a member)

If you’re not already a registered Free Spirit member, you’ll need to sign up at www.spirit.com. Becoming a member is free and allows you to accumulate and redeem points for flights and other travel perks.


Step 3: Wait for Your Points to Be Posted

After registering for the Lucky Seat points, they will be posted to your Free Spirit account within 45 days of redemption. Be patient and keep an eye on your account for the extra 500 points.


Step 4: Book Your Reward Travel within 90 Days

Once your Lucky Seat points are deposited into your account, you have 90 days to book your reward travel on www.spirit.com. You don’t need to complete your travel within 90 days; you simply need to secure your booking during this time frame.


  1. Flight date: May 1, 2023
  2. Register for Lucky Seat points by May 15, 2023
  3. Points posted to your account by June 29, 2023
  4. Book reward travel using points by September 27, 2023


Step 5: Enjoy Your Reward

Use your 500 Spirit Lucky Seat points to book a flight and enjoy the benefits of your unexpected prize. With reward redemptions starting as low as 2,500 points, your Lucky Seat points can help you get closer to a free flight or other travel rewards.


If you find yourself in the Spirit Airlines Lucky Seat, be sure to follow these steps to redeem your prize and make the most of your 500 Free Spirit points. By registering in a timely manner, keeping an eye on your account, and booking your reward travel within the designated time frame, you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of the Spirit Lucky Seat promotion and make your next trip even more rewarding.