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TWA Airlines official site is The trans world airline website provide information about the various services offered by the airline. You could find helpful information about the schedules and reservations.

The airline offered aviators program. You can get all the details about this program on the website. Every detail about the service is equally available on the web. 

The company offered various deals to its customers while still in operation. You can get updated information about those deals on the website.

Information about the travel agents that work for this company is equally available, same for the details about the passenger services provided. 

During its existence, it offered unique cargo services to make cargo transport very easy for its passengers and customers. The customer service provided by this company was also one of the best recorded in the United States.

You can find the information about the cargo container specifications, cargo compartment specifications and several other helpful details there.





It is one of the earliest in the world. TWA airline is an abbreviation for Trans World Airlines and it was one of the major northwest airlines in the United States. It is no more in existence. It was founded in 1930 and stopped operations in 2001.

Its initial name when first established was Transcontinental & Western Air and it was operating from New York City to the city of Los Angeles through Kansas City, St. Louis and several other stops with Ford Trimotors. 

The airline was among the Big Four providing domestic services in the United States. The other three are Eastern, United and American. It was formed in 1930 by the Spoils Conference of 1930. 



The hubs are below:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
  • Stapleton  (Denver)
  • Luis Munoz Marin 
  • Lambert-St. Louis 
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport New York City
  • It had a secondary hub at Pittsburg 

The company focused on the following cities while it was in operation:

  • Los Angeles 
  • Logan 
  • Kansas City 
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

While it was in operation, it had up to 190 aircraft in its fleet and it covered up to 132 locations. Over the years of its existence, it was associated with several slogans. And it had cause to chance slogans after each decade.

The name of its parent company was Trans World Corporation. The name was changed to AMR Corporation later. The headquarters also changed locations during its existence.

The headquarters was in New York City from 1930 to 1931, changed to Kansas City until 1964, moved back to New York City in 1964 where it remained until 1987.

Later moved to Mount Kisco in New York in 1987. It remained there until 1992. St. Louis, Missouri accommodated the headquarters until 2001. It finally moved to Forth Worth in Texas in April 2001. 

Is still in business?

No, it’s not.


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Frequently asked questions


What is TWA called now?

Trans World Airlines don’t exist anymore.


What happened to TWA Airlines?

In 2001, TWA  ran into financial trouble and filed for bankruptcy. This was the third time of a bakruptcy. American Airlines bought the company then.


Why was TWA terminal closed?

In 2001, the terminal at JFK airport closed because it could not handle the size of newer planes. After being abandoned for many years, it was turned into a hotel called the TWA Hotel on May 15. This was the first hotel located on the airport property.