What airline is Aegean airlines

Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline, offering flights to more than 40 destinations outside of Greece and across the country. It has its hubs in Athens, Larnaca and Thessaloniki, making it easy for passengers to get around the world with ease. In this blog article, we will explore what makes Aegean Airlines so special.

History of Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines was founded in 1999 as a regional carrier operating domestic routes within Greece. Since then, it has grown into an international airline serving over 40 destinations worldwide. In 2010, Aegean became a member of Star Alliance and was awarded the “Best Regional Airline in Europe” award by Skytrax for four consecutive years from 2011-2014.

Fleet Size and Aircraft Types Used

Aegean currently operates a fleet of 51 aircraft – mainly Airbus A320s and A321s – along with some ATR 72 turboprops for regional flights. It also has plans to expand its fleet size to 70 aircraft by 2021.

Destinations Served

Aegean offers flights within Greece as well as international services to more than 40 destinations across Europe, Asia and North America. Some of the top destinations include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, London Heathrow, Madrid, New York City and Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO).

Cabin Classes Offered

Aegean offers three cabin classes on its flights: Economy Class; Business Class; and Premium Economy Class. Economy class provides basic amenities such as complimentary meals & drinks plus access to onboard entertainment while Business Class offers premium perks like extra legroom seats plus priority check-in & boarding privileges. Lastly Premium Economy Class provides a mix of both Economy & Business Class amenities at an affordable price point.

Economy Class

Economy class passengers can enjoy complimentary meals & drinks onboard along with access to complimentary newspapers & magazines plus onboard entertainment featuring movies & TV shows in multiple languages including English & Greek subtitles/dubbed audio tracks when available . Passengers also have access to WiFi onboard certain flights (subject to availability).

Business Class

Business class passengers enjoy all the same amenities as economy class passengers but with added perks such as extra legroom seats plus priority check-in & boarding privileges at select airports . Additionally business class passengers can enjoy luxury lounge access at select airports plus complimentary airport transfers when available . These perks make business travel with Aegean an enjoyable experience!

Premium Economy Class

Premium economy class offers a mix of both economy & business class amenities at a reduced price point compared to full-fare business class tickets . Passengers can enjoy all the same benefits offered in economy such as free meals , drinks & entertainment but they also get extra legroom seats , priority check-in/boarding privileges , luxury lounge access + more depending on their route/aircraft type used . This makes premium economy ideal for those who want all the bells& whistles but without having to pay full fare business prices !

Loyalty Program

Aegean offers its own loyalty program called Miles+Bonus which allows you to earn points every time you fly or use other services provided by partners like hotels or car rental companies . You can then redeem your points for free flights , upgrades or even hotel stays ! There are also additional benefits like exclusive discounts on airfare , priority boarding/seating options + more !

Additional Services Offered

In addition to flying services , Aegean also offers several additional services that can be booked through their website or app such as car rentals , hotel bookings , holiday packages + more . They also offer cargo operations which transport goods between different cities via air freight using their fleet of aircrafts . This makes them one of the most comprehensive airlines operating today !