What details are needed to book a flight

Published by: John Adillon


If you are going to book a flight, for you or someone else you need some personal details to complete the reservation. There are minor changes between domestic or international flights. In this article I will try to cover all the information you need to find out what details are needed to book a flight.

It happened to me many times. I visit an airline website, start the booking and when I input the required personal data there is something i am missing. Sounds familiar? Then, you have to call friends or family, write a mail address or wait for the detail needed to finish the reservation.

What details do you need to book a flight

Trip data

  • Dates: First of all, you need to know the departure date and the return date if it is a round trip.
  • Cities or airports: Then, you have to add the departure city and the destination. Sometimes you can input the name of the airport if you don’t know the city if there is more than one airport in the city.
  • Travel insurance: If there is a chance that you have to change the tickets or if you fly to a dangerous destination it is a good idea to get a travel insurance.
  • Extra baggage: Do you plan to carry more bags? Add the extra baggage now. It will be more expensive if you do it at the airport.
  • Cabin Class selection: Economy or business? If you have the money it is always better and upgrade. You will travel more comfortable and with extra services like food or drinks.
  • Direct flight or connections.

Personal Data

  • Full names: Be sure you input the same name that appears on your password or id cards to avoid identification problems.
  • Date of birth (The real one).
  • The country you legally live in.
  • Passport id number or valid id card number.


Documents for international flights

While domestic flights usually require less documents to travel, for an international flight you will need a valid passport document. Moreover, you should check if destination country requires a VISA, green card or similar like in the United States.

If you don’t carry a valid visa you will not be able to enter to the country.

Check also that your passport is not expired. This is something that will also block you from travelling.


Domestic flights requirements

The requirements and details needed for a domestic flight depend on the country you are in. In general, you can travel with a valid ID card. But you should check for specific requirements. A good place to check is the embassy web of your country.


How to book a ticket for someone else

If you have to make a reservation for another person the process is quite similar. Make sure you have all the personal information required as I specified before.

Fill all the data during the booking process. At the end you can send a mail with all the reservation details for the other person.

This process works also if you are making a group reservation. But, make sure to check with the airline if there is any deal or discount for groups.


Frequently Asked questions

Do I need a passport to book a flight?

No, it is not needed when you book your flight. But you will need when the airport staff ask you for an identification.