what planes do spirit airlines use

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline that operates domestically in the United States and internationally to various destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. Spirit is known for its low-priced fares, allowing passengers to travel to their desired destinations without breaking the bank.

Spirit’s Fleet of Planes

Spirit Airlines operates an all-Airbus Fit Fleet®. The fleet is composed of several different types of Airbus planes, including the Airbus A319, Airbus A320, and Airbus A321. These planes are known for their fuel efficiency and modern technology, making them a popular choice for low-cost airlines like Spirit.


Airbus A319

The Airbus A319 is a single-aisle plane that can seat up to 160 passengers. It is one of the smaller planes in the Airbus Fit Fleet® and is typically used for short and medium-haul flights.


Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is also a single-aisle plane, but it can seat up to 180 passengers. This plane is slightly larger than the A319 and is commonly used for medium and long-haul flights.


Airbus A321

The Airbus A321 is the largest plane in the Airbus Fit Fleet® and can seat up to 220 passengers. This plane is typically used for long-haul flights and is a popular choice for airlines looking to increase their capacity and efficiency.


Spirit’s Young and Efficient Fleet

Spirit boasts one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets in the United States, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. The airline’s fleet of Airbus planes are modern and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable and safe flight experience for passengers.


More Planes on the Way

Spirit is continually expanding its fleet of Airbus planes, ensuring that it has the capacity to meet the growing demand for low-cost travel. With more planes on the way, Spirit is poised to continue offering budget-friendly fares to passengers.


Airbus Fit Fleet®

The Airbus Fit Fleet® is a program designed to help airlines optimize their fleets and reduce their environmental impact. Spirit’s all-Airbus fleet is an example of this program in action, as the airline is able to take advantage of the latest technologies and fuel-efficient designs to reduce its operating costs and improve its sustainability.


Benefits of Spirit’s Fleet of Planes

By operating an all-Airbus Fit Fleet®, Spirit is able to offer its passengers a number of benefits, including:

Consistent and comfortable flight experiences
Improved fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact
Increased capacity and efficiency, allowing Spirit to offer more flights and destinations


10. FAQs

What is the average age of Spirit’s fleet of planes?

Spirit’s fleet of Airbus planes is one of the youngest in the United States, with an average age of around 5-6 years.

What makes Spirit fleet fuel-efficient?

Spirit’s all-Airbus fleet features the latest in fuel-saving technology, including winglets, which help to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. Additionally, the airline operates young aircraft that are designed to be more fuel-efficient compared to older aircraft.

Why did Spirit choose the Airbus A320 family of aircraft?

Spirit chose the Airbus A320 family of aircraft because they offer the best balance of fuel efficiency, passenger comfort, and operating costs. The Airbus A320 family is also one of the most widely used aircraft types in the world, making it easier for Spirit to find parts and maintenance personnel.

What amenities are available on Spirit Airlines’ Airbus aircraft?

It offers modern amenities on its Airbus aircraft, including Wi-Fi, personal entertainment screens, and power outlets. However, some amenities may come at an additional cost.

Does Spirit Airlines plan to add any other aircraft types to its fleet?

At this time, Spirit only operates Airbus aircraft and has no plans to add any other aircraft types to its fleet.