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Does JetBlue Airways Have WIFI? The FlyFi Service

One way by which JetBlue provides unrivaled comfort to its passengers is by providing a high-speed free Wi-Fi service which they aptly call “Fly Fi“. Both new and frequent passengers can attest to the lightning-fast speed of the JetBlue Wi-Fi FlyFi internet service onboard all their local and international flights.

JetBlue Airways boasts of a fleet of over 250 aircrafts consisting of Embraer 190, and Airbus (A220-300 series) aircrafts. Every one of their airplanes is equipped with their Wi-Fi FlyFi internet network service.

FlyFi may be a brainchild of JetBlue, but this Wi-Fi network service is powered by ViaSat in-flight connectivity or IFC internet system. The beauty of the JetBlue FlyFi ViaSat IFC internet service is that the system utilizes a gate-to-gate system.

All passengers can connect their mobile devices and laptops to the FlyFi network once they are seated onboard a JetBlue Airways flight. It is an easy DIY connection, but if passengers experiencing difficulty connecting to the in-flight Wi-Fi will be assisted by a friendly flight attendant.



JetBlue FlyFi is FREE!


The JetBlue FlyFi is absolutely free-of-any-charge-whatsoever. All passengers including frequent flyers and newbies will get a complete Wi-Fi internet package at zero cost.

Passengers will be able to engage in high-speed video streaming, download audio-visual and text content, surf the Web, chat on social media, and send or receive email messages without paying a dime.

The  speed ranges from 15 Megabytes per second (Mbps) to 20 Mbps which is quite fast. There is a U.S-based comprehensive coverage for every JetBlue flight.

The coverage has recently been expanded to include Central America and the Caribbean coverage on the refurbished Airbus A320 as well as A321neo aircrafts.

The newly acquired Airbus A200-300 aircrafts of JetBlue are expected to be equipped with the latest ViaSat Ka-band IFC system which will offer a more international coverage.

In addition to this, the introduction of ViaSat-3 satellites will ensure that the capacity of the new ViaSat Ka-band IFC system will be eight times stronger than that of the currently used ViaSat IFC kit.

There is no limit to the number and type of mobile devices that passengers can connect to the FlyFi. You can connect Android and iOS mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets devices to the in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Laptops and handheld gaming devices can also be connected. The FlyFi network is not time-bound, so passengers do not have to worry about losing Wi-Fi connectivity after the lapse of a specific timeframe or Internet usage.


Pros of JetBlue FlyFi


In summary, the pros include:

  • Fast Internet Speed: Passengers will be able to browse at between 15 Mbps to 20 Mbps.
  • No Time Limit: JetBlue passengers can browse for as long as they want. The FlyFi in-flight internet service is not limited by time.
  • Accessibility: All passengers can gain access to the Wi-Fi FlyFi on virtually any mobile device including Android OS, Windows OS, and iOS mobile devices. Passengers can connect their smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and laptops to the Wi-Fi FlyFi network service.
  • Availability: JetBlue Airways FlyFi is available to every passenger including new and regular passengers of the airline.
  • Zero Cost: The Wi-Fi FlyFi service costs absolutely nothing. The service is free to every in-flight passenger without any hidden costs, service fees or charges.


Steps-by-Step Instruction on How In-flight Passengers Can Connect to FlyFi


  • #1: Use a Wi-Fi enabled device: Ensure that your mobile device can connect via Wi-Fi.
  • #2: To turn on the Wi-Fi: To turn on the Wi-Fi of your device, simply visit the network menu under settings and enable the Wi-Fi.
  • #3: Select FlyFi network: While checking the available Wi-Fi networks under the network settings, select FlyFi to connect to the JetBlue in-flight Wi-Fi network.
  • #4: Launch internet browser: Next, launch an internet browser on your mobile device. This can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on.
  • #5: Follow the instructions to sign-in to FlyFi. Once you launch  internet browser, you will see a prompt with instructions on how to sign in to the FlyFi network. Follow these instructions carefully and you will have access to the JetBlue Airways in-flight Wi-Fi FlyFi internet network service.


As mentioned earlier, passengers can browse freely and even stream or download videos. The Amazon Video mobile application can be downloaded directly to your iOS or Android tablet and smartphone using the FlyFi. You can then proceed to stream TV shows and movies on the Amazon Video app.


About JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways foundation date was August of 1998. But it officially commenced flight operations on the 11th of February, 2000. Their headquarters is located at the Brewster Building, Long Island City, New York, United States while their main hub is New York John F. Kennedy (JFK/KJFK).

 Currently, JetBlue operates a fleet strength of over 250 aircrafts with an average age of 11 years. You can reach JetBlue via their social media handles on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn or you can check out their official website here.

Alternatively, you can send a registered mail to: JetBlue Airways Corporation, 118-29 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, New York, NY, United States of America, 11375 or call this number – 00 1 801-449-2525 to speak directly with a supportive customer-relations service staff of the airline.

JetBlue may be a comparably new airline, but in less than two decades of operation, they have earned an enviable reputation as a leader in the global aviation industry.

This is evident in the daily passenger count of JetBlue Airways which is one of the highest in the world. In just a short time of existence, the JetBlue brand has established itself in virtually all continents of the world. The expansion of JetBlue has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The rapid rise of this airline can be attributed to reasons including:

  • an excellent all-round customer-oriented service delivery,
  • unmatched hospitality, and
  • unrivaled in-flight comfort.

The company exemplifies the old cliché of – ‘the sky’s the limit’. Indeed, the only pathway this airline seems to be going is upwards.




Q1: What is JetBlue FlyFi?

A1: FlyFi is JetBlue Airways proprietary high speed free-to-use in-flight Wi-Fi network service.


Q2:  How free is FlyFi?

A2: It is free without having to pay anything. There are no charges or fees.


Q3: Is FlyFi available to first-class passengers only?

A3: No. it is available to all in-flight passengers of JetBlue Airways.


Q4: What is the time limit for using this Wi-Fi service?

Q4: There is no time limit for using FlyFi. You can browse all through your flight.


Q5: Is there a limit to the number of devices a passenger can connect to FlyFi?

A5: No. You can connect as many mobile devices to the network as you like. These mobile devices include tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, game consoles, and laptops.