United Airlines WIFI

In this article, you will get to know everything about this united flight internet service including the WiFi provider, the WiFi speed, how to connect to the in-flight UA WiFi, the cost of service, and how to process a Wi Fi refund.

It is on record that UA is amongst the original airlines to first introduce an in-flight WiFi system to passengers. UA makes use of several WiFi internet service providers, but the Gogo in-flight technology service system is their main Wi Fi provider. Passengers onboard any United Airlines flight can easily gain access to the internet while they are enroute to their respective destinations.

The United Airlines WiFi is an in-flight, value-added service that is available to all passengers on board a domestic and/or international flights. Passengers can acquaint themselves with the UA WiFi internet service by downloading the free United Wifi App to their iOS or Android OS mobile wi fi enabled device.

As a member of Star Alliance, (UA) is a North American based airline with a well established international reputation as the third largest fully operational airline. UA is a global brand with a staff strength of over 89,500 employees worldwide.

United flights arrive at more than 350 domestic and international airports spread across every continent on the globe. As a matter of fact, UA serves in excess of 150 million in-flight passengers on an annual basis and regularly arrives at over 115 international airports.

UA is a trailblazer in the global aviation industry and responsible for setting many trends that other airlines would subsequently adopt. One of such trends is an in-flight Wi Fi service.



United Airlines Wi Fi served up by Multiple Service Providers

 The UA in-flight WiFi internet service is provided by a number of top-notch Wi Fi providers. These include: Thales, Panasonic, ViaSat, and flyingGogo or the Gogo in-flight WiFi.

Gogo in-flight WiFi is the main WiFi internet service provider for all United Airline aircrafts and flights. However, ViaSat is also a WiFi internet service option available for certain aircrafts enroute to specific flight routes.




If you are one of many prospective UA in-flight passengers with little knowledge of the United Airlines Wi Fi service, here’s a good start to upgrade your overall knowledge-base.

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) by most new UA passengers concerning their in-flight Wi Fi internet service include:


Is the WiFi in-flight internet service free?

It is NOT FREE. You have to purchase internet access wi fi on board. However, this inflight Wi Fi internet offering can be purchased by passengers while onboard a flight.


What’s the speed of the United Airlines in-flight WiFi?

An individual passenger using Wi Fi service can expect a download speed of between 500 to 600 Kilobits per second while the upload speed is 300 Kilobits per second.


Is the UA WiFi available on all UA aircrafts?

Virtually the entire fleet of aircrafts are equipped with the in-flight WiFi service with the exception of aircrafts based in Guam.


What services does the UA WiFi system support?

The United  WiFi in-flight technology supports a myriad of services including: Gmail, Skype, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, and so on. In addition to this, the WiFi service enables passengers to chat on social media platforms. It offer free messaging and stream video or gaming content on their laptop and mobile devices.


Does it offer WiFi coupons or promo codes?

As part of their drive to build a strong relationship with their passengers, UA offer coupons or promo codes for their in-flight WiFi internet service. This way lucky passengers would be able to gain access to their in-flight WiFi service without having to pay for it.


United Wi Fi pricing


UA offer passengers a number of exciting in-flight WiFi subscription packages to purchase wi fi and these include:

  • Unlimited Access On In-flight WiFi Package: This WiFi service will cost USD $17 per flight.
  • Gogo Unlimited In-flight WiFi Package: This is a monthly WiFi service that costs USD $49.95 per month. Passengers will have unlimited WiFi access on all UA aircrafts that are equipped with the Gogo in-flight WiFi service.
  • Gogo All Day Pass In-flight WiFi Package: This service allows in-flight passengers to have access to the internet via the WiFi service throughout the day and on the same flight. For a 24 hour internet access onboard a UA flight, passengers can pay the sum of USD$14.
  • 1-Hour Pass In-flight WiFi Package: For just one hour of in-flight internet access, passengers can pay USD $5 while flying on a Gogo in-flight enabled aircraft.
  • The Traveler Pass In-flight WiFi Package: For USD $39.95 per month, passengers will be privy to unlimited in-flight WiFi internet access on any Gogo in-flight enabled aircraft.


UA runs a ‘Mileage Plus Account’ and passengers can make in-flight Wi Fi service subscription payments using their miles.


Step-by-Step Connection to the United Airlines In-flight WiFi Service


  • Step #1: Download United Airlines WiFi App: You can download the free App to your mobile device, such as; Android OS and iOS mobile devices.
  • Step #2: Search for Wireless Network: Go to Settings, then Networks on your mobile device then search for available wireless networks. Searching for available wireless networks will reveal – ‘Unitd_Wi-Fi’ network.
  • Step #3: Select ‘Unitd_Wi-Fi’: To connect to the the WiFi service, passengers need to select the Unitd_Wi-Fi and wait for a network connection confirmation message.
  • Step #4: Open Mobile Browser: As soon as a connection confirmation message appears, passengers can then open their mobile browser. Opening the browser will take passengers to a United Wi Fi in-flight package page where they can select a preferred Wi Fi package and make a purchase.
  • Step #5: Go Directly to UA WiFi URL: Passengers can go directly to the United Wi Fi URL (the united wi fi portal is here) if they are not taken directly to the Wi Fi purchase page when they open their mobile browser.


Getting a Payment Refund for a United Wi Fi Subscription Package

 Passengers can request for a payment refund for WiFi subscriptions that they are no longer interested in. Passengers can request for a refund by first visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page on the official website of United Airlines.

In requesting for a refund, passengers would be required to provide both their flight and ticket numbers. Another way by which passengers can request for a refund is by calling the Customer Service hotline – +1-800-864-8331. A customer support staff is on-hand around the clock to assist passengers with their refund requests as well as any other enquiry or complaint.