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Ryanair airlines official site is the official website of Ryan airlines.  The low fares airline is the Ryanair Holdings largest part of airlines having Buzz, Ryanair UK, Lauda, and Malta Air, as sister airlines.


In the ryanair airline website you can make online reservations, check the flight information and status, get deals, check baggage policy, and check-in-online.


The ryanair low cost airline website URL is different in UK and USA.

In USA  is https://www.ryanair.com

For UK it is www.ryanair.com/gb/en

  • Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryanair
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ryanair
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/Ryanair-Airlines
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ryan-air
  • Customer Service Phone Number: +353 1 248 0856, +448 7 124 6000 2
  • Fax number:+353 1 812 1213
  • Head office:Ryanair DAC, Airside Business Park, Dublin Office, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland


Ryanair flight Reservations

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Airline Codes

  • IATA code: FR
  • ICAO code: RYR
  • Callsign: RYANAIR


How to make Ryanair Air Reservations Online on the official website www.ryanair.com




Booking online is easy with Ryanair.com in their official site. The simple steps to follow are:


  1. Go to the website https://www.ryanair.com.
  2. Select the date and the route.
  3. Click on Booking


Make the flight reservations in advance. The online reservation booking is easy to book on the official website.

Reservations Phone Number


The ryanair airlines phone number for ticket reservations is +44 203- 514-9668.

Call to make a reservation on the telephone number and get your flight ticket booked, or even to get more information.




My Account

Regular traveler of Ryanair airline may have an account, and if so, visit the section to get your flight status, reservation details, and know check-in information.



Download official apps from the Apple store and Google Play. You can access on iOS app and Android app.

You can have easy access to myRyanair page and get flight updates live, wherever you are.


Flight Information

Get access to flight updates of Ryanair Airlines here.

The flight status section is helpful to know about your flight delays.


Ryanair passenger Baggage policy


This is the Ryanair baggage allowance. Checked baggage>You can have 3 checked bags of 20 kg.


Checked bags charges per person as the one-way flight may have varying prices as per the travel dates and route.

The higher baggage fees are €40 per one-way flight/per person as purchased with the initial booking. The baggage fees are higher when the purchase is via Ryanair call center, during peak periods, at airport ticket desks, and for selected routes.


The priority boarding passengers can take a small bag 40cm x 20cm x 25cm, apart from a larger cabin bag 55 x 40 x 20 cm with a weight allowance maximum of 10kg free of charge into the cabin.


Non-priority passengers can bring a small bag of 40x 20x25cm. If they plan to bring a bigger second bag, they can buy while booking online a 10kg check-in-bag at a lower cost.

It must get checked-in before reaching airport security at the airport bag drop desk.



Check in policy

You should be at least 30 minutes before departure at the boarding gate. The gate closes 20 minutes before departure.

Your boarding pass and travel document checking are at the boarding gate.

Late arriving passengers cannot travel. It means to buy at the applicable fare a new ticket and travel.


Ryanair online check-in


Online Check-in Fees

  • For tickets purchased online: $10 (7 euros)
  • For tickets purchased at the airport/call center: $19 (14 euros)



Flight Status

You can check the ryan airlines flight status in https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/travel-updates and search by cities, mentioning the date, flight number, and search.




Destinations of the ryan airlines.


Flights to Region


Algarve, Azores, Canary Islands, Corsica, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol, Cote d’Azur, Crete, East Midlands, England, Greek Islands, Northern Ireland, Puglia, Sardinia, Scotland, Sicily, Tuscany, and Wales


Flights to Countries

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Jordan, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Montenegro, Morocco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Republic of Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK (United Kingdom) and USA.


Ryanair has many destinations: 5 domestics and 215 international in 39 countries.


Partners and alliances of Ryanair


Ryanair is not a member of the global airline alliances. It is considering to join.


Ryanair Reviews


If you want to check the reviews of this airline, you have the following options:


  • Tripadvisor: This airline has a 3.0/5 rating on 77,558 reviews. There are good reviews highlighting their services.
  • Trustpilot: The reviews score is 1.3 out of 5 from more than 8000 reviews.


About Ryanair


Ryanair.com established in 1984, it has expanded to its current size from a small-scale airline, due to its low-cost business model and no-frills attached. There are over 2400 daily flights connecting more than 200 destinations from 82 bases in 40 countries over 470 aircraft.


Traditionally Ryanair prefers flying to secondary or smaller airports, mostly outside major cities. Cheap prices and best services.