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Name Official Website Alliance
Aegean airlines Star Alliance
Aer lingus
Air Canada Star Alliance
Alaska airlines Oneworld
Allegiant airlines
American airlines Oneworld
All Nippon Airways Star Alliance
Asiana airlines Star Alliance
Austrian airlines Star Alliance
Avianca Star Alliance
Caribbean airlines
China airlines SkyTeam
Copa Star Alliance
Delta airlines
ethiopian airlines Star Alliance
Eva air Star Alliance
Frontier airlines
Scandinavian airlines Star Alliance
Hainan airlines
hawaiian airlines
Iberia Oneworld
Japan airlines Oneworld
jetblue airways
korean air Skyteam
Latam airlines
philippine airlines
SBA airlines None
Singapore airlines
Southwest airlines
Spirit airlines
Suncountry airlines
Swiss Star Alliance
Turkish airlines Star Alliance
Trans world airlines None
United airlines Star Alliance
Viva Air Colombia


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  • Flight Booking and Reservation Services: Information on booking flights online, finding the best deals, and using travel search engines.
  • Airlines Reward Programs: Coverage of frequent flyer programs, airline loyalty programs, and strategies for maximizing rewards and miles.
  • Travel Insurance and Coverage: Explaining the importance of travel insurance, what it covers, and where to buy it.
  • Airport Parking and Transportation: Guides to airport parking options, airport shuttle services, and transportation to and from airports.
  • Airline Reviews and Ratings: In-depth reviews and comparisons of airlines, including cabin service, amenities, and customer experiences.
  • Flight Status and Delays: Real-time flight status updates, information on delays, and tips for dealing with flight disruptions.
  • Baggage Policies and Fees: Detailed information on baggage policies, fees, and strategies for avoiding extra charges.
  • Travel Tips and Hacks: Travel tips, packing guides, and travel hacks that help travelers save money and have a smoother journey.
  • International Travel and Visa Information: Information on visa requirements, travel documents, and tips for international travel.
  • Airline Safety and Security: Updates on airline safety measures, security protocols, and travel during emergencies or crises.
  • Business and First Class Travel: Guides to booking and experiencing premium class travel, including reviews and recommendations.
  • Travel Health and Wellness: Health and wellness tips for travelers, including advice on staying healthy during flights and while abroad.
  • Travel Technology and Gadgets: Reviews and recommendations for travel-related technology, gadgets, and apps.
  • Travel Destinations and Guides: Information on popular travel destinations, including guides, itineraries, and things to do.
  • Travel Budgeting and Finance: Tips for budgeting and managing finances while traveling, including currency exchange and saving on travel expenses.