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The most important airline companies have an official website and are also present in facebook, twitter, linkedin, wikipedia and other relevant social networks. Here are the most famous and bigger ones:



An airline is an organization that is exclusively dedicated to the transport of passengers, cargo, or animals, through the use of an airplane or aircraft.

Aircraft are vehicles specially designed to move in the air, that is, without coming into contact with the surface or with water. Within this type of vehicle can be distinguished two types, the aerodyns, which have a greater weight than the air and then have to be supported by a special mechanism, and on the other hand, aerostats, which have a weight below the air , and per case they float with greater simplicity.

At present the aerodyns predominate, being their emblematic units the airplanes and the helicopters.


All the data included in this website is informational. This is a help site to help users navigate and access the airlines on the internet.

Best in the world

Singapore is the best airline in the world, as confirmed by Skytrax, the audit dedicated to the analysis and comparison in terms of quality of the different companies and airports around the world, which on Tuesday presented the World Airline Awards of the 100 best companies of the sector of the world, also known as the “Oscars” of the aviation industry.


The best ones

The World Airline Awards are especially significant, considering that they are based on the opinions of about 20.3 million passengers from 100 different countries. The survey, which includes 335 companies, has consulted aspects as diverse as the care, service received, comfort or meals from August 2017 until last May.

The list has not major changes compared to 2017, in total, nine of the ten first in the ranking and we could find them last year.



The ‘top ten’ of this 2018 is made up of:

1.Singapore .

2. Qatar Airways (winner of 2017), 3.

3. ANA All Nippon Airways.

4-. Emirates.

5. Eva Air.

6. Cathay Pacific Airways.

7. Lufthansa,

8. Hainan .

9. Garuda Indonesia

10. Thai Airways.


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